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Burro di Karité, scopriamo perché è un ottimo ingrediente per cosmetici

Shea butter, let's find out why it is an excellent ingredient for cosmetics

AND' one of the most mentioned (and loved) ingredients in creams, those made well.
But how many of you really know what it is Shea Butter and how do you get it?

Today we want to explain to you where this precious asset it has comes from many properties.

Shea Butter is a traditional product of sub-Saharan Africa . Since ancient times, it is one of the best known beauty secrets of African women : the best known use is certainly that of butter as deeply moisturizing and soothing ingredient for the skin , but you should know that it is also used, for example, to protect hair from the African climate and for cooking.

It is not, therefore, a simple cosmetic product but a a real wealth for African communities . Very often, then, it comes worked directly by women involved in eco-friendly cooperatives , for which it also becomes a means of emancipation, livelihood and social development to ensure better living conditions for local populations.

How is butter obtained?
Everything starts from the fruits of a tall woody plant also known as Tree of Youth just for her extraordinary regenerating properties , given that it grows in a very arid environment, in the sub-Saharan savannah.

Come on hazelnuts, which are harvested from June to September, the shell is removed and extracted with a natural method The very pure butter which is then processed in several steps until it is ready to be used in cosmetics.

A curiosity: if you are starting to learn the INCI names of cosmetics (INCI is the international nomenclature of ingredients, that part where they are indicated one by one in decreasing order of concentration), its name is Butyrospermum Parkii Butter , so you know how to recognize it!

What are the properties?
Shea Butter deeply nourishes the skin and improves its tone. It also has great emollient, soothing and healing properties. It is very rich in vitamin A and E and it is also useful for combating dermatitis and eczema. Among other things, despite the name, once spread on the skin, butter it is absorbed quickly without leaving that unpleasant greasy feeling.

It is also perfect for very dry skin and to relieve redness due to sun exposure.
African women also use it for the hair when it is dry , frizzy and brittle.

It is no coincidence that the Balique team has chosen this precious ingredient for the new body cream , precisely because he wanted to create a very nourishing, protective and toning product that is truly miraculous.
Curious to try our novelty?

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