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Capelli grassi? Ecco come prendertene cura

Fat hair? Here's how to take care of it

Who has greasy hair often lives the situation with some embarrassment : anointed to the eye and, sometimes, even smelly , they 'stick' to the skin and lose their fold very easily. The worst thing is that they immediately look 'dirty' and maybe we washed them the day before or even the same day!

The problem is not only aesthetic: excessive sebum production takes away vitality and health from your hair and the skin is more prone to inflammation, irritation and to a feeling of annoying itch.

What are the causes?
The first, for which we recommend a visit to the specialist, can be hormonal/genetic in nature . Problems like strong imbalances, seborrheic dermatitis & similar which must be analyzed in detail in order to evaluate the situation as a whole.

There are, however, a ton of causes that are referred to as 'secondary' as one poor diet, stress, environmental factors and also a series of bad habits like that of… taking care of your hair with too aggressive products!

Yes, friends, you got it right: sometimes I really am the wrong hair routines to worsen the health of our hair.

Let's clarify. First important thing to know: sebum is not our 'enemy' , it is a very precious substance which is produced by the skin to act as barrier against external agents And lubricate and waterproof our hair .

In conditions of 'balance' , i.e. balance, sebum is therefore our natural protection.
However, when we produce too much of it, it ends up accumulating on the scalp and hair, with all the consequences we have mentioned.

You want to know what it is the most common mistake who suffers from oily skin? Wash your hair with too aggressive products! Many people still think that sebum should be completely eliminated and wash after wash, insisting on too many products and ending up creating what is called 'rebound effect', or rebound. What does it mean? That even more sebum is produced because the skin feels 'stuck' !

The first, fundamental advice we want to give you is this: the goal is not to eliminate sebum, but to rebalance its production . What needs to be done? Make one frequent but delicate cleansing , with a shampoo that washes and cleanses well, but is not aggressive.
Balique Shampoo , for example, is very concentrated and very little is needed. It makes little foam precisely because it is not diluted and is suitable for frequent washing but without affecting the health of the hair .
In this way, you will be able to eliminate fat and impurities, but at the same time a regulate sebum secretion without removing it too much and irritating the skin.

In addition to hair care, however, you also have to work on other fronts:

  • Favorite fresh foods rich in vitamins and minerals such as zinc, calcium, copper
  • Don't smoke
  • Hold back : often those with oily hair tend to touch it continuously precisely because of the feeling of annoyance and discomfort. This habit only makes the situation worse, try to keep your hands off!
  • Try to carve out some time to relax : stress is the enemy of the health of your hair!
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