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Cari Papà, vi vogliamo bene (anche se ci rubate i prodotti)

Dear Dads, we love you (even if you steal our products)

Another Father's Day in lockdown. Who would have thought that?
So, this year, maybe it's even more important to celebrate our dads, husbands and companions properly, what do you think? Even if we know that, unfortunately, many of you will have to do it from a distance and will not be able to hug them…

By the way, what do you call dad? Some call him 'dad', some 'father', it depends on the areas of Italy. The fact remains that, whatever one calls it, the reality does not change: dads give us life and March 19th is the right occasion to remind them how important they are (which, we know, should be celebrated every day , but it's nice that there is a special day dedicated!).

Did you know that the date is not the same for everyone? In Italy, as in many Catholic countries, it falls on the day of Saint Joseph, the 'first father par excellence' in history.
The Zeppole di San Giuseppe , for example, are a typical dessert that is cooked right in this period because, according to legend, to support the family after the flight into Egypt, Giuseppe started selling pancakes.

Other news that you may not know: don't take it badly from dads, but Mother's Day was born earlier! Mom, on the other hand, is always mom!

Tell us, what have you given to the men in your life?
We can't help you this year but, since many of you have asked us, know that we also have products designed for boys in the pipeline.

In reality, the question makes us smile: very often you tell us that your curious companions come to 'snoop' into the Balique boxes because they see you with the most beautiful hair. Some have wanted to try them!
Obviously, we are very pleased and that is why the Balique team got to work!

About this topic: according to some recent surveys, it seems that men are increasingly raiding women's beauty cases in search of some 'help'.
The most desired products? anti wrinkle serums , eye contour gel and even the concealer … Not to mention depilatory strips and, of course, all the products that concern hair care, give it shampoo at nourishing masks .

Why do they do it? Because sometimes they feel embarrassed to buy them, because they are lazy but also because they declare that they blindly trust the choice of their partners.
So, friends of Balique, remember to always choose your products carefully, since two of you will benefit from them!

Happy Father's Day!

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