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Forest Bathing, ricaricati di energia a contatto con la natura (e abbracciando gli alberi)

Forest Bathing, recharge your energy in contact with nature (and embracing the trees)

A real 'bath', but not in your tub with soap bubbles… What are we talking about?

Of the Forest Bathing , which literally means 'forest bath': an anti-stress practice who comes from Japan and who suggests that we get in touch with the nature to recharge ourselves thanks to his energy .

It seems that spending time in the woods and forests breathing deeply is one thing therapy useful against diseases and daily anxiety.

The Japanese have been doing it since the 80s: they call this practice 'shinrin-yoku' and consider it a real one medicine for body and soul .

According to many studies, in fact, being in contact with the natural elements of the earth it brings numerous benefits: hugging trees, sitting on a lawn touching the grass, inhaling smells and perfumes… these are all actions that involve our senses and make us one with nature.

What does this entail? First of all, deep relaxation of body and mind which more easily removes stress and negative thoughts.

But not only.

In fact, many tests show that forest bathing increases the immune defenses , regulates the blood pressure and the heart rate , helps keep the heart under control cortisol (the stress hormone, have you ever had it checked in your blood tests?) and stimulates creativity and energy thanks to better tissue oxygenation.

Practicing Forest Bathing does not mean going on a picnic (we like that too, eh!). It means immersing yourself deeply in nature, connecting with all the elements through regular breathing, listening through the senses to everything that surrounds us, from the breeze that caresses our face to the crickets that sing up to the tactile sensation of the veins of the trunks some trees.

About trees : this practice invites us to embrace them. Trees are living elements that 'feel' and 'transmit' energy.

If you really want to feel the difference, try making some sort of fixed date: three times a week , dedicate at least an hour to Forest Bathing. Every minute will be a panacea for your well-being and your mood.

Skin and hair will thank you too. As you know, we deal with hair and we know it well: if you remove stress, your hair will be healthier and shinier.

The only precaution: when you return from walks, always wash it well and nourish it thoroughly to optimize the effects of your practice: Shampoo And mask to keep in place.

How to dress? Sporty and comfortable clothing and possibly trekking shoes with cotton socks. A backpack for water and go!

You can practice it close to home and, when possible, look for new routes.

We recommend two:

- the beautiful Bosco Fontana di Marmirolo Nature Reserve (MN), once a Gonzaga hunting lodge

- The Foreste Casentinesi National Park , which extends along the Tuscan-Romagna Apennine ridge and offers real nature trails

Have a good dive and… let us know how you feel!

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