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Ripetetevi allo specchio: la bellezza non è questione di età

Repeat yourself in the mirror: beauty is not a matter of age

The age excuse is a major cause of self-sabotage. Learn to indulge your nature and you will be freer and happier.

How many times in front of a dress to wear, a make-up to try on, a cut or a color to risk, have you said to yourself: "I'm not old enough!" .

Well, from today on we only allow you to say this sentence if you are singing the song by Gigliola Cinquetti of Sanremo 1964.

You have to know that 'the excuse of age' is one of the main causes of self-sabotage of their own actions.

Claiming to be by now 'too old' for certain choices or experiences, we feed our fears and we influence our behaviors.

It is, of course, not our fault alone. The society somehow it imposes that at the age of 20 we can have certain experiences that are no longer 'suitable' at the age of 40, 50, 60.

The same goes for looks, hair color, places to go.

What then, if you notice, it is as if one feels perpetually 'behind' on everything .

If you don't have a steady job at 30, the criticisms begin.

If you haven't had children yet at 40, they always ask you why.

If you don't have a solid family at 50, you're weird.

In short, it is as if the company had established some 'must stop' by conventions that should by now be outdated.

Who decided what is good or bad for us? Who decided how we should live?

The problem with conventions is that they often create gods in people blockages and incredible discomforts : one feels wrong, always late' on everything or, on the contrary, not adequate to the standards that the status quo requires because we are 'alternative', rebellious, different.

Well, the secret of well-being and living your age well is just that: don't rely on what's written on the your identity card , but do what you feel like , dress how you want, style your hair like a gypsy, like a punk rocker, or shave your hair if you feel like it.

Freedom of expression is ageless, as is your spirit.

Balique talk about hair, but you know How much does hair say about a person ?

The over 50 (but also over 40!) ladies of the past were all dressed the same way, with short and puffy hair. A 'respectable and discreet' hairstyle.

Today, fortunately, we see so much personality: the stupendous actress Andy MacDowell who presents herself at the Cannes Film Festival with a beautiful salt and pepper hair with an ease that we all should have or a Lucia Bose who, until the end, dyed her hair blue like the blue fairy.

This is true freedom: not having to account to anyone for one's choices, let alone aesthetic ones. The important thing is to know take care of yourself , indulging your desires.

Then, for the care of your hair – even crazy, of any color – we are here! 😉

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