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Smart Working? Come creare una postazione di lavoro produttiva e sana

smartworking? How to create a productive and healthy workplace

The smart working has now become part of our daily life . According to recent surveys, in fact, even following the pandemic, there are many people who work from home and the trend seems to be growing now too for the future .

For this very reason, it is of fundamental importance make rules and especially, create an area dedicated exclusively to your work .
The risk is that of no longer distinguishing the home environment from the work environment, with the ensuing consequences.

Any examples? Finding yourself making calls with your shirt and pajamas underneath, working from bed or on the kitchen table, finding yourself inundated with papers and documents in every part of the house and even losing the habit of taking care of yourself and your image.
When working from home with this unhealthy approach , one almost ends up feeling 'sick', alienated from the world and sucked into a vortex of constant stress .

What to do to find a balance?
First rule: set the alarm clock at a specific time and dress well. Ok, we also allow you comfortable clothes, but we say absolutely no to pajamas .
Fix your hair – always clean and hydrated, since there is an excellent shampoo for frequent washing like ours Shampoo – and pass at least a little mascara on your eyes which immediately makes you look lively or a lip balm to keep your lips soft. Don't forget to moisturize your skin, especially if you plan to spend hours on the computer.

Speaking of computers: you should find a post to work that help you stimulate creativity and guarantee the your well-being . The ideal is a desk – or a table – near a window with natural light to promote good mood and brain activity.

Experts also recommend keeping them close to the post indoor plants . In fact, contact with nature relaxes and transmits positive vibes.

Another useful suggestion is to also focus on aromatherapy : use some droplet of energizing essential oil – orange, mint, eucalyptus, lemon – to hear you loads of energy.

Do not choose too hot environments, ventilate them often and carefully select your chair , trying to maintain an upright posture to avoid ailments in the long run.

Everything is fine 30 minutes , take a short break to stretch your legs and take your attention off work. Some stretching is also a great idea. These mini breaks are important to rest the mind and get it back to work with more sprints.

In the end, give yourself a deadline : try not to work until late in the evening, but at a pre-established time, turn off the devices, put aside the paperwork and dedicate yourself or those who love you.

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