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Sorpresa! Su Balique si parla di alimentazione con la Dottoressa Monica Artoni

Surprise! On Balique we talk about nutrition with Doctor Monica Artoni

Dear friends of Balique,

we have a big surprise for you : today we present to you a special person who has chosen to accompany us on this journey with his invaluable contributions.

Drumroll: We are happy to welcome you Doctor Monica Artoni ( @dott.ssa_monica_artoni , ), dietitian nutritionist with a great passion for cooking.

Maybe some of you have already met her on the CucinoSano channels, because she did some live broadcasts together with Ross!

Doctor Artoni is specializing in healthy eating , she has participated in various TV programs and follows, in addition to all her customers, many sportsmen, athletes and show business personalities. Her curriculum is so vast that we prefer that she tell you a little about herself.

First of all, how did you meet Ross?

It all started with her recipes: since I promote a healthy and balanced diet, I started following her on Instagram because I immediately appreciated her unconstructed and very natural way of communicating. I felt like doing something together and I offered her live broadcasts in which we could combine our skills: she in the kitchen and I explaining the basic principles of a correct diet. I remember that we also talked about the problems of menopausal women who often don't find an answer. Then I prepared a tailor-made diet for Ross and we got to know each other even better, so much so that we are now working on a still top secret four-handed book!

What will be the path in which you will accompany Balique's friends?

I will write articles in which I will talk about nutrition, lifestyle, sport and nature, all connected to hair care, but not only. If we don't eat well 'from the inside' we cannot feel good on the outside. We won't just focus on diets, but also on how to eat correctly, choose and combine the right foods... In short, I'll give you lots of tips to change the wrong habits, but without depriving yourself of the pleasure of taste, I promise!

Will there also be recipes?

Of course, I will also talk about DIY remedies for decoctions, condiments and much more. Everything that can be useful to find a food balance and also eliminate those annoying little problems often associated with women who, for example, have hormonal problems, swelling and so on. They will be simple indications, within everyone's reach!

In your CV we see that you are also specialized in Sports Nutrition

Yes, I like following the training of the athletes, I have collaborated with various companies, such as the Jury Chechi Academy, CONI and Me We Fit. I myself am very sporty: I've done everything from athletics to volleyball, dancing, running, chasing my two little girls... Here, I'll also give you lots of suggestions on sports to combine with nutrition. You should know that often women come to me who 'work out a lot' in the gym, but without achieving great results. This happens because they get the wrong type of training for their physique and their goals. You need to know how to train and feed properly.

You mentioned that you have two little girls. How do you take care of their nutrition?

I teach them to eat healthy, with common sense. I also want them to live in a welcoming context: we are lucky enough to be in the countryside, we have a vegetable garden, chickens, we can go for long walks outdoors... I care a lot about feeding the children: I am the regional manager of Sano Giusto e con Gusto, a free educational project in schools aimed at teachers, parents and grandparents to provide educational and playful tools suitable for children between 3 and 12 years old. The goal is to promote knowledge of healthy eating, environmental sustainability and sporting activity in children.

In short, an education in nutrition for the whole family… What is, from your point of view, the food situation in this period of health emergency?

I'm just saying that, in the first lockdown, people on average increased by 5 kilos. It's hard, even a sort of 'emotional hunger' due to stress and forced seclusion is triggered. This is why it is even more important to know how to eat, also to avoid problems such as eating disorders, which are increasing drastically especially in young people.

We also know you are working on your first book

Is called 'FAQ DIET' and I wrote it to disassemble all the fake news that revolve around the food field. It is a scientific text that aims to clarify with simple, clear and concrete notions and answers.

There would be many other things to say, but we will discover them along the way. One last question that Balique can't help but ask you: what is your relationship with hair?

I care so much about my hair! I had them long, beautiful and wavy but, due to wrong treatments, I had to cut them short. Now I'm growing them back and started caring for them very carefully. I'm trying the Balique products and… they have improved a lot!

Doctor Monica Artoni uses BOX 02
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