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#YESWEEKEND 05: Borghetto sul Mincio, fuga romantica sul fiume

#YESWEEKEND 05: Borghetto sul Mincio, romantic getaway on the river

An enchanted world made of green hills, old mills, romantic restaurants and excellent local food. What to ask for more? Pack your suitcase, we leave for Borghetto!

Imagine a small medieval village where time seems to have stopped: a great bell tower , i water mills which are reflected in the waters of the river, a bridge leading to the remains of a Scaliger castle … And greenery, lots of greenery all around, to frame a fairytale atmosphere.

Have you ever been to Borghetto su Mincio , in the province of Verona? It's a fraction of Valeggio on the Mincio considered one of the most beautiful villages in Italy.

The impact is really impressive: an enchanted place where to stay for a relaxing weekend, enjoying the many food and wine specialties, trips to the surrounding area to discover wonderful places… What are you waiting for to pack your suitcase? 😊

Where to sleep

Window on the River : girls, once in a lifetime it's something to do, drop everything and live two dream days! You have to book in advance because this little paradise has very few rooms, but it's really worth it. It's about a luxury B&B which seems immersed in a painting by Monet (see photos on Instagram!). The owner, Mattea, is a delightful person and often organizes picnics and events in the huge garden.

Il Borghetto to spend the night in the mills : small 15th-century suites have been created in some of the old mills, restored in exposed stone and brick. Each room is different and has a suggestive name: La Mansarda, Le Rocche, Il Camino, La Camminata… From the windows, a bucolic panorama accompanied by the regenerating sound of the water.

Where to eat

In Borghetto there is a dish that you cannot miss: the legendary tortelli!

Lo Stappo : you will find tortellini – and bigoli, another typical dish – together with a selection of wines not to be missed. And then, you can eat on a very, very romantic terrace overlooking the river.

La Vecchia Bottega : the perfect place if you love slightly more rustic environments where you will find the typical polenta accompanied by many specialties, again, of course, all kinds of tortellini and the famous cake of roses. There is a gluten-free menu and it is also a famous pasta factory.

La Chiusina : the main dish here is fish (try spaghetti with clams!) both from the sea and from the lake, but it is also the realm of vegetarian and vegan dishes. Vegetables are not side dishes, but become games of textures and cooking and even absolute protagonists of the garden menu. Obviously, the menu is seasonal because it 'listen' to the gifts of the earth!

What to do in the surroundings

A bike tour: if you love cycling, there is a long 43.5 km Mincio cycle path that connects Mantua and Peschiera, all paved and with wonderful views.

A ride on horseback : for a ride among the morainic hills, there is the agritourism La Staffa , where you can book excursions on horseback with a guide.

A trip to the Sigurtà Garden Park : a beautiful and extremely well-kept park, a place of peace and tranquility surrounded by nature, the ideal place even if you have children. Inside are a multitude of colorful plants and flowers and there is also a labyrinth with a turret in the centre, inspired by the Parisian park of Bois de la Boulogne. In summer you can admire the dahlias, the indica cane, the water lilies floating on the water mirrors, the sunflowers, the hydrangeas and… the list of flowers is endless! Not to be missed!

A visit to Villa Sigurtà : lose yourself in the rooms of this marvelous Palladian-inspired villa, all frescoed and in the secular garden, until you can rest in the shade of the splendid nymphaeum. The peculiarity is that you have to book in advance because the owners themselves, the Consul and the Countess, will guide you! You can also add a local wine tasting 😊

To take home

A stash of the legendary tortellini from Valeggio , for which a festival called the 'Love knot festival' is also celebrated: a legend tells that, in the 1300s, a soldier who camped near Valeggio sul Mincio with his army, fell in love with the beautiful nymph Silvia, with whom a great love was born. Hunted by those who wanted to capture them,

they took refuge in the depths of the Mincio river, leaving their pursuers a golden silk handkerchief, which they had symbolically knotted as a pledge of their love. From that day on, the girls of the area, during holidays, love to remember the story of the two lovers by preparing the traditional 'Nodi d'amore', the delicious tortellini.

The cake of roses , delicious and rich in butter and sugar (but occasionally we can treat ourselves to a cuddle, right?) is a typical dessert of these areas, it melts in your mouth…

Finally, our timely recommendation: under the sun, hair must be protected! For a weekend of this type, the ideal is to abound with Sun Milk by Solemar to keep them soft and hydrated and don't forget a nice straw hat, also perfect for your photographic memories 

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