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#YESWEEKEND 06: Punta San Vigilio e dintorni, la ‘Portofino’ del lago di Garda

#YESWEEKEND 06: Punta San Vigilio and surroundings, the 'Portofino' of Lake Garda

They call it this because over the centuries it has been the exclusive residence of famous people, from Churchill to Charles of England. Today it is a place surrounded by nature where you can spend a fabulous weekend.

Our tour of Lake Garda today adds a new stage not to be missed and that not everyone knows: Punta San Vigilio , a small jewel nestled between the lake and the mountains which is part of the Municipality of Garda , in the province of Verona but which, even if you can go there… is not a public place!

Indeed, this small, beautiful peninsula on the gulf belongs to the Counts Guarienti of Brenzone which, however, luckily for us, have been making it accessible for years.

Yes, because the atmosphere is truly unique: imagine a small and romantic paradise where you will find a villa, a small church, a very famous inn, a suggestive little port and a splendid beach, the Baia delle Sirene.

Punta San Vigilio is called 'the Portofino of Lake Garda' precisely because of its exclusivity. In the past it was frequented by illustrious personalities, from Winston Churchill to Vivien Leight , the protagonist of 'Gone With the Wind', until Charles of England who, even today, occasionally withdraws into the beauty of this spectacular corner of peace.

How to reach Punta San Vigilio? You have several options: you can get there with a nice lakeside walk of about 3 km , but it can also be reached by bike or by car .

The real package? Get there by boat from the lake (you can leave, for example, from Sirmione, but do it early in the morning to avoid too much chaos).

Finally, in the surrounding area there are some nice places to stop, such as Garda And Bardolino .

The perfect destination for one of your #YESWEEKEND obviously in the company of Mini Box by Balique which, hear hear, from today they are on sale on the site ! <3

Balique – Mini-Box Yes Weekend d

Where to sleep

The Inn of San Vigilio : if you want to stop right on the peninsula, there is a truly historic place, an old inn from which you can admire the landscape and splendid sunsets. There are 14 lake view rooms and a beautiful park of lemon and olive trees. They are not missing the pool and a well-stocked wine bar.

Boutique Hotel & Restaurant La Vittoria in Garda: Garda is very close to Punta San Vigilio and you can take the opportunity to sleep there. This boutique hotel with a slightly retro allure is excellent because it is located in a super strategic position , right on the lakefront, where you can also have breakfast, lunch and dinner lulled by the lakeside atmosphere.

Where to eat

The Inn of San Vigilio: in Punta San Vigilio there is only one restaurant, that of the inn we told you about, where the Chef offers traditional dishes prepared with the freshest ingredients and which follow seasonal menus. Simple but refined recipes (we recommend fish!).

The Perbellini Inn To the Blessed in Garda: Giancarlo Perbellini's cuisine is not to be missed (he has other restaurants, maybe you've already tried it?). The menu recovers the regional recipes of the Italian tradition, but rethought in a contemporary key. What do we like? All! But if we had to choose… Well, the rigatoni cacio e pepe, lobster and lime and then the creamy crunchy chocolate, salted caramel and orange rock… They are divine! Is that enough for you? 

Osteria Ago & Rita in Torri del Benaco: the ideal place for a fun and carefree evening. A very famous, colorful 'battle' restaurant where fried dumplings, tigelle and cold cuts accompanied by beer & similar reign supreme. It overlooks the lake and is perfect for an unpretentious dinner! Ah: you can dance, go wild!

What to see and what to do

Villa Guarienti: in Punta San Vigilio stands this 16th century villa owned by the family that owns the place, which can be accessed via a walk along an avenue of cypresses. The Italian garden is very beautiful!

The marina of Punta San Vigilio: a magical and atmospheric place for an aperitif while watching the sun set on the lake. What to drink? Lugano, of course!

The Bay of the Sirens of Punta San Vigilio: a splendid location which can be accessed by paying a day ticket to immerse yourself in an incredible natural context. IT is about a small beach set among olive trees and cypresses , where you can swim in the crystal clear waters and admire the view of the mountains at the same time. There is also a playground for the children.


Parco San Vigilio : with swimming pool and access to the lake, overlooking the coast, between the gulf of Garda and the peninsula of Punta San Vigilio. You can relax in the shade of the 35 century-old cypresses and 500 olive trees that surround a 200 m2 mega oval swimming pool. The entrance? 25 euros for the whole day!

Bardolino: it is a very characteristic town, with many medieval glimpses, colorful houses, outside and small squares that are teeming with small bars and outdoor tables. The houses in the historic center were built by fishermen in the past in a herringbone pattern, one after the other starting from the first one which stands on the beach. Do not miss a visit to the Castle of Bardolino.

Note for sports enthusiasts: Bardolino is also famous for the possibility of doing all water sports, from sailing to windsurfing to rowing.

The Sanctuary of the Madonna della Corona : perhaps you have seen it in the stories of some time ago by Ross, who wanted to visit it. It is not far, you have to get to Ferrara di Monte Baldo, in the province of Verona, to be precise in the locality of Spiazzi. We tell you right away that there is a climb to do and the path, which retraces that of pilgrims, is a bit tiring but it is really worth it. It is a sanctuary set in the rock of the mountains that surround it, 774 meters above sea level, overlooking the valley. A spiritual place that takes your breath away (in every sense, but we bet you will like it, it's special!).

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